Different kind of energy healing


Solar Reliance Healing

The Solar Reliance Healing allows us to fully embody our inner sun, to align with our Being and to fully experience Spirit in our earthy life. This process establishes an earth-sky balance and activates our DNA in order to feel good as we are, in the present moment at our right value. In this way, we harmonize with the natural universal laws and we emanate our full potential on a physical, emotional and mental level.


We thus have access to our natural abundance coming from our mind and not from our ego : we can quantify it in terms of inner joy and alignment with our most concrete projects, allowing the release of our obstructing karmic memories.

Solar Reliance considers each Being as an Universe itself.

The Solar Reliance Healing restores the waves of form and consists of 7 steps :


DNA activation

Harmonization of the Chakras

Realization of projects in the earthly life

Release of uterine memories

Joy components

Realignment of the Universal Body

I give this treatment on a remote basis. You can book your appointment online or over the phone. After the session, I will contact you again to give you a feedback and debrief together.


Price: 55.- CHF

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Treatment transmitted by Julien Tessier


Places purification


The places you live in and visit have all a soul.

Any place receives our vibrational presence, our thoughts, our emotions, our memories and all kinds of other waves, like entities, visible or not visible forms.


In our collective consciousness, the idea of ​​regularly cleaning a place (vacuuming, dusting ...) is commonly accepted; the fact of entertaining a place on an energetic level is just starting to be conceived. Keeping a place energetically healthy is just as important as cleaning it physically .


How do you know if your place needs a treatment?

Places that require energy care will call you in different ways:

by taking to much of your energy,

Unexplained chronic fatigue,


Presence of unexplained odors,

Unpeaceful nights,

Unexplained fears or anxieties,

perception of presences,

etc ...

Be aware that the places you ask purification for must be strictly connected with you, since it will be through your presence that these places will increase their vibrations so that you will be protected while being there.

The same way you don't dare cleaning someone else's place without permission, so you don't go cleaning someone else's place energetically without authorization. Nevertheless, we can very well consider cleaning a place that does not belong to us and which we are linked with (office, gyms ...).

As a souls' ferryman and a channel of liberation, I have the capacity to come into direct contact with the place to request a liberating treatment, by intervening mainly on the presences and memories of the walls.

Each place has its own original vibration and its goal is to reconnect to its highest vibrational potential.


The purification treatment is done exclusively on a remote basis. After your booking, we will arrange a meeting. A report will be given to you after the session.

Price: 77.-

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