Vanessa Fleur de Vie

Soul dancer, whirling dancer, Vanessa's passion for different dance styles and her travels all over the world, have led her to "bring the world into her dance". Starting with Tribal Fusion Dance, continuing with some body practices such as Active Meditation, Yoga, Mudras, she ended up as a Sufi dancer to bring us today the so called "Spiral Dance". 

The infinite circle of the Flower of Life


"Dance brought me to life

Life led me to travel

Travel took me to yoga

Yoga led me to dance

Dance brought me to life "

Thanks to:

Rana Gorgani, choreographic artist, Sufi dance teacher

Monika Nataraj, mystical dancer, teacher and trainer of mystical dances

Tümata, Turkish Music Therapy

Lisa Nicholas, Yoga teacher and trainer

As well as the meetings and the countries, in particular Turkey, India and Thailand, which allowed me to be the dancer that I am today.

Member of the International Dance Council CID