Sufi Dance

Whirling dance is considered as the dance of the soul. This universal dance symbolizes the movement of the planets revolving around the sun. Expressing ourselves through the repeated movement of the whirling gives access to a form of active meditation, of self connection with our deep being in the present moment. Whirling dance is the practice of the art of transformation.

This ecstatic dance is represented by samâ, which means "spiritual listening". Sufi dance is the dance of listening, the inner listening to one's heart and one's innermost being, the external listening to the sounds of the earth and the universe. In this way, we create harmony, balance, and everyone can walk towards its truth.

I am the soul's dance

Welcome me to reveal you

Meditate to rise up

Dance with Me

Dance with joy

I'm here to wake you up

To create you in the awakening consciousness


I am Conscious Art

I offer you the consciousness of the Whole

Unity consciousness

Let me make you understand what is

Who you are

In the resonance of the unified gesture

From the creative movement


I am the Meditative Art

I am meditation in action

Give me your being

And I will give you the movement

Movement to be with the Whole

In vibration with the Universe

To let the moment emerge


I am universal

I am the Dance serving the Universe

Earth's Dance, Sky's Dance

In the infinitely great, I follow the movement of the planets revolving around the Sun

In the infinitely small, I am the movement of particles revolving around the  nucleus

atoms' core

Hear me, Listen to me

The whole Universe is dancing with you


I am the Art of Trance

I am Transformation


Deliver yourself


And you will receive the keys to the Universe

of the Divine Magic

Instinctively I come to seek within you

Your soul's sufferings

To help you overcome them

Surpass them

To get you out of your identity boundaries

Making you discover other realities

Those filled up with love and compassion


So close your eyes and open your heart

Inhale me, feel me

Breathe me out, let go, let it be

And you will discover who I really AM

Let me invade you

Beautify you and get drunk

I, the Dance of Spiritual Drunkenness


Your very dear Sufi dance

Text written by: Vanessa Fleur de Vie