Whirling Dance Practice

Come and discover Sufi Dance in Sion or Lausanne during a workshop.

You will learn the various whirling techniques, dance meditation, active meditation, body preparation for dance, mudras and yoga practice.

All levels are welcome!

Workshops in Sion, Espace Emergence
Chemin des Perdrix 20, 1950 Sion
Sunday 16 May 2021
Sunday 13 May 2021
From 1PM to 4PM
Registration required
Price 80.-
Workshops in Lausanne, Le Fleuve
Rue de Lausanne 60, 1020 Renens
Saturday 22 May 2021
Saturday 19 May 2021
1:30PM to 4:30PM
Registration required
Price 80.-
Private lessons
I also give individual session.
I offer a personalized program, according to your needs.
For more information, please contact me directly.

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