To the Dance...

"Thanks to you...


I rythm my life

I fully occupy my body

I live in my whole body

I say with my movements, I speak through my body

I come into physical contact with my freedom

I discover the essence through my body

Each of my gestures becomes an art.


Thanks to you...


I say a lot of things without saying a word

I live, I love, I cry, I laugh, I feel

I learn, I allow, I dare, I act, I play, I tell stories

I feel consoled, appeased, encouraged, nourished, recognized

I love and I am loved.


Thanks to you...


I am the music that has become visible

I discover myself, I get to know myself

I can say beautiful things, the most sublime ones

I keep in touch with my own freedom

I build myself every day with less explanations and more sensations

My mind is silent, my body speaks and my soul is released.


Thanks to you...


I see within myself, through me

I live in my highest, finest, purest vibrations

I use my body as my own art, templar of my soul

I'm present

I discover the soul of life. "

Thank you.

Vanessa Fleur de Vie