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What is Elmanian Hypnosis?

Elmanian hypnosis is a discipline that connects the conscious and the subconscious by circumventing the critical factor. The latter acts as a filter analyzing the ideas and suggestions we receive, blocking those that suit us and do not suit us.  

Hypnosis works in the subconscious. Its role is to protect us, it is the seat of our habits, our emotions and our beliefs. By bypassing this critical factor in a deep trance, the client is made to become receptive to new thoughts or habits. Trance allows you to be more receptive to treatment. The subconscious is particularly powerful and makes it possible to find new solutions, behaviors, where the conscious is sometimes very limited. It analyzes the data received and decides to accept or block them.

To overcome this protection, Elmanian hypnosis uses various processes such as imagination, emotions, memories etc. Using the imaginary allows the critical factor to be automatically disabled. Thus, the rapid induction and development of the imagination makes it possible to obtain a deep trance quickly and simply. This modified state of consciousness allows the person to transform their way of perceiving a situation and to modify certain perceptions such as pain or fear. By using this approach, the hypnotherapist can eliminate non-essentials and quickly address and treat the problem. It allows deep and lasting changes.


Hypnosis sessions​

Why do a hypnosis session?


The ultimate objective of hypnosis is to reveal the potential of the client, to relax his psychological mechanisms and to awaken his resources, to reactivate his capacities for self-healing and well-being.

The state of hypnosis promotes change. Under hypnosis, it is possible to modify behaviors that are no longer suitable and go beyond your usual limits.

Example of use of hypnosis:

  • Quit smoking or other addictions

  • Lose weight and maintain your healthy weight

  • Change eating habits

  • Get good sleep

  • Improve self-confidence

  • Manage your emotions

  • Treatment of phobias

  • Develop your learning skills

  • Manage separations, bereavements

  • Reduce anxiety, depression, stress, anxiety attacks

  • For chronic pain like migraines

How does a hypnosis session take place?


The hypnosis session lasts between 1h and 1h15, and takes place in several phases:  


  • The preliminary exchange, to define the work to be done

  • Induction, which brings about the hypnotic state

  • The therapeutic phase which, with the help of suggestions and metaphorical images, makes it possible to modify one's perceptions, thus making it possible to live another possible.

  • Emergence, to return to an ordinary state of consciousness with its new perceptions.  


Elmanian hypnosis is intended to be a fast and effective method. Some difficulties can be resolved in just one session, others require several sessions in order to properly identify and resolve all aspects of the problem.

Price of the session: 120.- CHF

Place : Online or face-to-face

Espace Emergence, chemin des 

Perdrix 20, 1950 Sion



Workshops in Sion

Espace Emergence, chemin des Perdrix 20, 1950 Sion

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Sunday 18  December 2022

From 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Price 100.-

On registration, minimum 4 participants, the course is confirmed 48 hours in advance. Any cancellation from the confirmation of the workshop is due.

Workshops in Vevey

Terre d'Éveil, avenue de Corsier 6, 1800 Vevey​

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Sunday, November 20, 2022


From 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Price 100.-

On registration, minimum 4 participants, the course is confirmed 48 hours in advance. Any cancellation from the confirmation of the workshop is due.

Private lessons

You want a personalized program according to your needs. I also transmit in individual session.  

Why take a personalized course?*

Price for one person:

Online: 80chf/hour

Face-to-face: 120.-/hour

Price for two people:

Online: 160.-

Face-to-face: 200.-

* Why taking a private lesson?


An individual lesson is a unique and privileged moment that you take for yourself.

This moment allows you to receive tailor-made education, personalized support that meets your needs.

It will also give you the opportunity to consolidate your understandings, to give you confidence in your practice, to give yourself a moment of surpassing yourself and to ask all the questions you wish.


Result you can expect: 

Understanding and progressing faster

Development of new neural connections

Stimulate your creativity and your freedom 

Personalized advice for your practice



Strip background wix 1.jpg

Spiral dance is an ecstatic rotating dance that combines art, movement and spirituality. It is strongly inspired by the Sufi dance, a dance which represents, in the infinitely large, the movement of the planets revolving around the sun, and in the infinitely small, the electrons revolving around their nucleus. To this dance are added sacred movements of tribal fusion dance and symbolic gestures known as mudra. 
The continuous movement of the spin creates a meditative state, a state of danced well-being that allows one to connect to oneself, to one's center, and also to the whole, being part of something bigger than oneself. Spiral dance is a permanent search for meaning through dance, it is a creation of a series of continuous movements in order to be transported by the magic of dance. The dance becomes a call to the universe, a means of communication with the source.

In the spiral dance, the body works, expends itself and the muscles are strengthened. Emotions and the mind relax and free themselves. You get to feel the link between your body, soul, mind and emotions. Dance allows you to gain self-confidence, to develop your creativity, to express yourself differently. It allows you to break free from the look of others to turn your gaze towards your own interior. It also allows you to work on your concentration, to meditate by focusing on practice or intention, aimed at improving your concentration abilities.

Spiral dance


Sufi dance

The Sufi dance, a rotating dance is considered to be the dance of the soul. This universal dance symbolizes the movement of the planets revolving around the sun. This self-expression through the repeated movement of the whirling provides access to a form of active meditation, of connecting to oneself and simply being in the moment. Sufi dance is the practice of the art of transtraining. It aims for inner freedom and the expansion of consciousness.

This ecstatic practice is represented by samâ. Samâ means spiritual listening. The Sufi dance is the dance of listening, the inner listening of one's heart and one's innermost being, and the external listening to the sounds of the earth, of the universe, in order to create harmony and balance so that everyone can walk towards their truth.

Sufi dance is said to activate the mechanism of the nervous system which allows regulation and appeasement of the body. From a psychotherapeutic and psychic point of view, this dance is defined as one of the bases of modern therapy.

NB background.jpg

Tribal fusion dance

Tribal fusion dance is inspired by oriental dance with multiple influences (ATS, Indian dance, gypsy flamenco etc.) It is a dance of posture and requires an important work on the body: bent knees, pelvis held thanks to the retroversion, elongated bust and open rib cage. The technical characteristics of tribal fusion dance are related to very fine undulations and overlays of different muscle groups.

This dance is sensual and fascinating. The isolations and superimpositions of movements require a technical mastery that makes you want to learn more and more. The tribal dance fuses muscle and acts on the flexibility of the body. It draws and embellishes the silhouette. It also frees the mind



Yoga is an ancestral Indian practice which aims the union of the body and the spirit. It promotes the awakening of consciousness. Awareness of body, soul and spirit, but also of our relationship to others and to our environment. Its postures, the asanas, make it possible to tone and soften our body but also to calm our mind. Over time, we can come and slip into these postures with ever less effort, and thus make room for the subtlety of the breath and the depth of the inner feeling.

The breathing techniques of Yoga are called Pranayama offering a whole range of breathing exercises, which make it possible to raise awareness of our breathing, to make our breath always deeper and more subtle. In addition to its physiologically beneficial effects, the practice of pranayama harmonizes the flow of energy in our body. It is also a very effective tool for calming our mind, strengthening our nervous system and thus reducing anxiety



Mudras are sacred hand gestures, energy keys that allow you to communicate with yourself, others and the whole universe. They are a form of non-verbal communication and expression composed with the hands. According to Vedic tradition, our five fingers represent the five elements of the universe. They are mainly used in Indian dance, yoga, rituals and art. Using mudras regularly is a natural way to improve your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. When we practice mudras, we create special shapes with our fingers that heal body and mind. Mudras are often referred to as “finger yoga”.

Kalesmara mudra.jpeg


The mantra is a formula, an invocation that protects and frees the mind of whoever thinks about it or recites it. The purpose of the mantra is to channel the mind, to serve for protection or celebration. Its virtues combined with intention and concentration are beneficial to the mind. The goal of its practice can be physical, material or spiritual benefit. Mantras work on the mind, bringing inner calm and serenity. They reduce negative thoughts and develop positive feelings. They improve attention and concentration


Spiral dance circle
and sacred songs

The circle of spiral dance and sacred songs is a moment of sharing around dancing and singing. Everyone is invited to dance and sing. The circle symbolizes infinity and the eternal beginning. Dancing and singing promote encounters and thus create moments of sharing, sometimes feelings of union and belonging make us experience magical moments.


You do not need any prior knowledge to participate in the circle. There is no age limit. The circle of dancing and singing and a moment of sharing, it is a way to flourish, to open up to oneself and to others, to express one's joy of living, sometimes to release emotions. there are some to be released.






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